Mrs Eyre’s early reading information video

An insight into how we teach early reading in school and how you can help at home

Some dogs do

A lesson with Mrs Eyre


‘ The dinosaur who pooped a princess’ with follow up activities

Zog and the flying doctors

Listen to the story and then take part in a guided writing session about potions

‘Happy birthday Royal baby’ and information about the Royal family

Full lesson with Mrs Eyre and activities

Up in the sky lesson

Story of Winnie flies again and a model building task by Mrs Eyre


What could at the top of the beanstalk?

This and that read along with Mrs Eyre

Recognising and using money with Mrs Eyre

Please watch the video and then have a go at making 5p using 2p and 1p coins

‘The man’ read along with Mrs Eyre

Explore how we grow and change - ‘once there were giants’

With Mrs Eyre

Measuring lesson 2

With Mrs Eyre

Heavy and light

With Mrs Eyre

Speech bubbles Jack and the beanstalk

Jasper’s beanstalk and days of the week activity

Spring walk with Mrs Rotherham

Rhyme time

With Mrs Eyre

Jack and the beanstalk characters

‘Meg and the bun’ Read along with Mrs Eyre

‘A squash and a squeeze’ read by Miss Melling

‘Chick gets lost’ Read along with Mrs Eyre

The nap

Read along with Mrs Eyre

Measuring beanstalks

Number stories

Adding and taking away with Mrs Eyre

‘Doll is ill’

Read along with Mrs Eyre

Noah’s ark music session

Explore the letter ‘j’ with Mrs Eyre

Exploring the number 8


‘Pip’ read along with Mrs Eyre

Hairy McClary

Maths - exploring number 7

Kat and Dan

Help Mrs Eyre read a phonics book

Odd dog out

A story read by Mrs Kerry

Changing seasons

PE session

Throwing and catching alone and with a partner

Pen fun

Read this book along with Mrs Eyre - a great chance to practice your phonics

Sequencing the story

With Mrs Eyre

Explore 2D shape with Mrs Eyre

Join Mrs Eyre with the ‘jack and the beanstalk’ chant

Sequencing beans and repeat patterns

Looking for patterns around your house and making patterns with Mrs Eyre

Jack and the beanstalk story

An introduction to the topic ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ starting with the story read by Mrs Eyre

Guided reading - bad cat

With Mrs Eyre

Guided reading - the bus

With Mrs Eyre

Learn about ‘th’ with Mrs Eyre

Tim’s din - book 10 guided reading

Introducing the ‘ch/ sh’ sound with Mrs Eyre

Ch and sh with Mrs Eyre

Nan guided reading with Mrs Eyre

3 Billy goats gruff - speech bubble writing

With Mrs Eyre

Splitting 5 up

Video with Mrs Eyre

Mrs Rotherham

Kipper’s year read by Mrs Kerry

Detective dog

The detective dog

Read by Mrs Finch

Snow Bear read by Mrs Eyre

Snow bear gets lost! What would you do? Also includes a little discussion about getting lost

Guided reading session with Mrs Eyre

Flip and Flop story

Read by Mrs Eyre

Diamond in the snow

Read by Mrs Eyre

Winter Trees - No paint or brushes required

Equipment list: Teaspoon of coffee, water, plate, cup, sponge or cardboard or toilet roll tube